One thought on “98 Amid the cheers we got Best in Show

  1. I remember the day we watched the first in-engine video of FFVIII, that ground-breaking game. Sitting in Ali’s living room. And I said “I wanna be that witch [Edea]” and you said, “if you make that costume, I’ll be that guy [Squall]”. We liked making costumes, these ones would be a challenge. I don’t know how many hours I spent on my headpiece, or how many hours you spent on your gunsword. And you couldn’t get enough of saying the word “gunsword”.

    We wore the costumes on what had to be the most empty halloween in the history of downtown Windsor. Ali was there, so was Paul, and a few other friends, who all dressed up to complete the theme. First stop was the comic shop. Then we didn’t know what else to do so we went out for dinner!
    Afterword we decided to wear these costumes to the next SFX (as it was known by at the time), we wore our costumes that one day only. This involved wearing them on the subway in Toronto, in the middle of the day, to get to the convention. We were NOT the weirdest people on that subway.

    We spent 3 hours in line in a crowded hallway with many over-enthusiastic people. The man behind us was wearing womans’ silver spandex as part of his “Mr Roboto” costume… it disguised NOTHING and you were so annoyed that I had to be in the presence of this guy.

    Everyone else had music and choreographed moves. We hadn’t expected that, it was just a costume contest, why would we bother? People were acting out their characters all day. It was nuts. By the end we got nervous. All this work on our costumes would get us nowhere when clearly our audience was (as expected) full of SUPERFANS.

    Finally we got up there. There was no music, we just stood there. At the last minute we decided to pose like the video game posters. There was silence from the crowd for what felt like forever. They erupted in applause. It was great.
    After we found out we didn’t win any awards, not even in our category, we were pretty disappointed. We hadn’t expected we would win at they very end, BEST IN SHOW. But we did. We got trophies, and a prize (a signed “Dragon Ball Z” lithograph).

    We passed that ridiculous prize back and forth for a couple years until I finally bought a house and you decided it needed to stay with me. I kept trying to give it back to you. You didn’t want to take it to England. It’s hanging in my basement.

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