Perseid Meteor Shower

My dearest friend and brother,

You are the only one I know who made the heaven’s weep in for joy in your creation and mourn your passing every year. Happy birthday brother ūüôā I miss you with all my heart.

I found a recording of us taken in 2003, a follow up to one we made as kids. ¬†I have to digitize the first one on cassette for context but here it is. ¬† We did a reprise of songs we sang as kids ūüôā


Accent Workshop

Hello all,

As you know Ian was a master of all accents, he had put together a brief synopsis for a two week workshop on Accents.   Have a look below.

WORKSHOP I – Accents, imitation, and the art of listening for the actor.



-Chalk Board




-Why it can be so hard to learn accents!!!! – Immensely complicated.

-Goal for a student to try and workshop 2 accents within a week.

-Some of this may sound racist, but….

-Correct me if I’m wrong, this is also a discussion, and a learning opportunity as well.

-Recognizing Accents – Veronika/Erica(manchester)/Alan2/Those Germans in Furth/Jon-Lawrence

-Celebration of the uniqueness

-Comes from somebody who knows a different language that has its own written language with its own sounds pacing and rules, sign of intelligence and status

-Accents – Imitation/Exaggeration/Mockery

-Definition of accents – not real – No such thing as an accent – 2 exceptions in the English language – Parents/Other kids

-Lines on the map – Windsor/Michigan (Tony n Tinas), Windsor/Vancouver

-Broadcast media – BBC/American News/Annunciation

-I will research an accent

-Listening – A good performer has 3 things he has to listen to. The fellow actor, themself, and the audience. There are priorities in those three things based upon the genre all are relavant. Drama (Fellow actor 45%, Yourself 45%, Audience 10%), Comedy (Fellow Actor 33%, Audience 33%, Yourself 34%)

-Mel Blanc



-Show off –


London RP –¬†Longer roll of the r for very upscale


Liverpool РThe Beatles (Bathroom Window/Norwegian Wood)

Western Burr РMonty Python Flying Sheep Sketch

Birmingham¬†– Talk abou’ r’ it…. Vanessa ‘r and Adam…. Emma ‘r and Richard, Summat


Nottingham –¬†

Yorkshire РOriginal 4 Yorkshiremen Sketch

Scottish РEdinborough/Glasgow/Aberdeen РRolling the r at the end of the tongue

Irish (Belfast/Dublin),

Welsh?? (Intonation, quick roll of the “R”, Long vowels)

Germany (Berlin/Bavaria РLoewenbraeu, Hofbraeuhaus)

Austria (Salzburg Nachricht РBischofshoven, Carinthian, osterreich)

Polish РDr. Kedzierski

Romanian/Eastern European (Bela Lugosi-Race of Atomic Superman/Peter Lorre)

Italy (Rhythm and Music of an accent)

French (France,Canadian, G->J)

Spain (cinco, Castilian sinco -> thinko) РAntonio Banderas. kinda Ricardo Montalban

Scandanavian (Danish, oe, aa, Ao) РRhythm of a language

Russian (Moscow, Chechnya (Defence/Mice Story), Ukraine, (sketchy on Belarus)

American (Deep South, Michigan, Minnesota, Massachussetts (Ben Affleck, NKOTB, Matt Damon, JFK), Louisiana-Cajun, New York)

Japan(Syllables, not letters, L/R shift,¬†Fainaru Fantajńę Sebun, Katekana, Hirigana, Kanji, Latin)

Chinese (Easy to turn into mockery, L/R shift, English-Chinese written language is impossible, Gong Fu, Intonation, Wu Li, Crouching Tiger, Ziyi Zhang Jang Dzee-yee)

Filipino¬†(b/ NO v, No f/p – Spanish influence, Th -> D,T) –¬†Filipino Accent Tutorial by Mikey Bustos, STATUS

India –¬†Shouldn’t be collectively collaborated into one accent, but we do.

South African РBritish/Affrikaans РDistrict 9

Australian –¬†Common, Bushman, Kiwi New Zealand

South American (Mexican, Guatemalan)


Canadian –¬†Newfoundland (Stephen Haarper, Paul Maartin, Caar, Darren story), Alberta, Big Question…. (about, aboot, abewt, aboat, abowt)


-Rhythms of a language – drum beat


Beta Test for a Two-Week Workshop in Accent Study for Actors


This workshop is geared to the study and development of the imitation and understanding of accents from all over the world. A skill for the professional development of the actor. Week One of the workshop begins with a demonstration and a lecture-style discussion of world accents and how accents come to be on a Geographical basis and its role in Global Communication. Questions during the workshop are encouraged at all times.


The workshop is presented by Ian Bruno, an actor who has studied accents for more than 15 years. Acting in plays that require British, Scottish, German, Russian, New York, Michigan, and Irish accents. Ian has also performed improv comedy for more than 7 years with the same troupe, some games requiring world accents and celebrity imitation upon an audience’s request.