One Last Video

Hello fellow Brunonauts

I was asked by the family to go through Ian’s old computer and to preserve any memories and keepsakes.  I found a video that was still in progress on his machine and I have put it up as it was made below.

Have a tissue ready and be ready to wave 🙂


Not the End, Just a New Beginning


We love you Ian.

What an outpouring of love and friendship we had at Ian’s services last week.  He had so many deep and close friends and he touched so many people.    I am so amazed at what Ian was able to do in such a short time in his life.  He was and always will be the example of what it is to be an exemplary human being guided by honour and love for all he knew.

I am thankful for the time and friendship we shared, I am truly a better person for knowing him.  He created so much and I have lots to share. I have a lot to organize and get up as he was so prolific so please be patient as I add to the pages as I get information.