Ian got his love of hot peppers from cooking on his own and from his friend Ali.  Things escalated over time as Ian was introduced to hotter and hotter peppers.

MADD DOGG nick name and source.


Peppers are measured on the Scoville scale of hotness. Ian was at Ali’s house and decided to prove his metal and prove what a “Mad Dog” he was against a particularly hot sauce at 357,000 scoville units of heat.   He didn’t just take a small dip into the sauce but a whole spoonful, not once but twice!
He showed no weakness throughout… the first five minutes.   He then spent the next 6 hours alternately moving from the couch to the bathroom in an extremely pale state. Stating once when asked how he was through the door, “the tiles are so cool in here”.  Why the two D’s and two G’s?  You will have to ask Ali and Vince :).

The sauce is below, please note “DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME”


He made his own sauce with Tim Marshall in two versions, the first “Marshal Bruno’s Wormburner” so called as it was so hot it burned you two times, first on the way in, second on the way out.

After publishing Survive Another Day he made a second version of the sauce called “Survive Another Sauce”

The Garden

Ian lovingly grew his own hot peppers in Windsor, London and in England.

158 They're starting to get the hint that it's time to ripen 157 About 3_4 of my Oct_Nov harvest (that didn't end up in a dish nor sauce)_ From my research, the smal 154 These plants can only be cut by a knife with as tough of a name as Madd Dogg_ Groomsman gift of grea 153 152 My first ripening Naga_ Key question_ Now what_ This pepper doesn't like you 150 Not bad for a first go 149 The first Naga Morich grown_ I named this plant Hiroshima 147 Some Cayennes from the other side 146 The Naga Morich beginning to ripen 145 My cayenne that had a head start 141 Tall ones are Cayenne Peppers, the smaller ones are Naga Morich 140 Seedlings 138 Growing with the will to live 144 139 Seemingly hundreds of Tabascos 137 134 The collection 136 Tabascos 133 132 Jalapeno, Cayenne, de Arbol, and Tabasco 126 143 135 Close up 131 130 A Jalepeno and a struggling mystery pepper 129 128 My Dad took good care of these while I was in TO, just don't know which seeds are growing, so they'r 121 The peppers I started in the late Winter

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