James Luke and the Deadly Sanctuary
James Luke and the Deadly Sanctuary was a band founded by Ian and other members of the James Luke Society. The goal was to produce music inspired by the movies viewed during the Weekend of Pain. Because time was tight and members were scattered across North America, all writing, recording, and mixing was done in one session with additional layers and/or samples added after primary tracks were finished. Ian played guitar, keyboard, piano, vocals, sound effects, and midi programming. Some tracks appeared in local films and theatre productions. Between 2003-2013, JL&TDS produced dozens of tracks; some were original compositions, some were “covers,” and some were simply created for the amusement of the band members.

The goal of JL&TDS was to eventually produce more formal and professional recordings based on the hastily created “demos” that were assembled during the Weekends of Pain. Unfortunately, such an opportunity never materialized, leaving behind 60+ demos. Below you will find links to the most representative examples, as well as links to some of Ian’s midi compositions meant for JL&TDS.


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