Ian was the funniest guy I knew.  He had such diverse talents, from impressions to writing.

While living in Toronto Ian did Second City Training at the John Candy theatre.

The Dropouts

Bruno as he was known in the Dropouts did so much.  From booking gigs, to hosting to performing in scenes. His characters were amazing, just a few examples below that always killed.

    • Alejandro – the sexy latin lover.  I always loved him in Party Quirks, his famous line “I wonder who it is, I hope it is a lady.”

  • Dr. Phil – setup as a new guessing game, Ian took off Dr. Phil so well, “See what your problem is… “

Some of Ian’s Dropouts Improv shows

Bible story Versus 1-16

Bible story Versus 17-24

Ian on Guitar for a song about a girl (Lisa)

Master Servant Disaster

Wrestling Promo

Some of Ian’s Sketches
Corporate Kung Fu

The Plumber

Ian even directed and filmed some sketches
Spittle Cup

Ned Grapple


Ian worked me with a troupe in Toronto called the Sunshine Sandwiches and performed at a few shows.


Ian was a prolific writer, he wrote a couple of large volumes of sketches along with the other Dropouts as well as wrote his own Zombie British Sex Farce “Survive Another Day”.   He was also working on an Improv Manifesto for students of improv much like Tao of Jeet Kun Do by Bruce Lee.

Ian’s observations and walk through of his place

Spotted Dick Video- Dec 3 2012 310pm

Cleethorpes – Video 3

Ian’s apartment video- Apartment Number 9….

Cleethorpes and place video- Video 4

Erica and Dom’s wedding video-Dom and Erica, 16th of March 2013

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